If you’re anything like me then self-medicating with a good anime is something that you do quite often. Anime gives me a ton of motivation, laughs, cries, and allows my mind to escape reality and forget about all of my problems. Let’s face it, most anime universes are a whole lot more fun than real life. Being unable to shoot beams from my paws or freeze the entire ocean is quite an unfortunate thing. When I’m depressed after a hard day at work I always find an anime to watch that fits that mood. Some anime are obviously better than others, and sadly re-watching them makes them less enjoyable for me on each re-watch. But I’ll tell you about the best anime to throw on the TV (or computer) when you’re simply having an awful day. One Piece is actually my favorite anime of all time, and it does cheer me up greatly, but many people aren’t willing to make to commitment that One Piece is, being over 1,100 episodes in length. The anime that I’m going to give you may surprise you a little, it may even disappoint you, but I highly recommend that you give it a chance.

One Punch Man

You might’ve heard of it since it’s so dang popular these days. You might think I’m out of touch for choose One Punch Man as the best anime to watch when you’re sad or depressed but I chose it as the best anime for this occasion for a reason. If you haven’t seen it before then that’s perfect, if you have, I’ll include my runner up anime at the end of this blog post. The most obvious reason that your sad self should go cozy up on the couch and watch this is because of its comedy. The style of comedy is very “what in the heck did I just witness”, it has great shock value, and that’s the kind of stuff I enjoy when there’s too much on my mind. You think things are going one way and then it’s like nahhh, time to introduce you to an evil psychotic mosquito woman with a lot of cleavage, only for her to get sw- oh yikes, almost spoiled you there.

One Punch Man is very fast paced, it’s never boring, that’s another good reason to watch it when you need to distract yourself. Every episode there’s something new going on, and Saitama is the perfect main character to laugh with. Notice I didn’t say laugh at, you wouldn’t want to do that, he might punch you. He’s too nice to punch you though, he wouldn’t hurt a fly. He hurts monsters. The anime can become serious at times, but it’s never TOO serious, and is not meant to be taken seriously. The lightheartedness of it should cheer you right up. Give it a shot, okay! Get back to me on how you liked it, and whatever’s going on in your life, you’ll fight through it.

Honorable Mention

Space Brothers

Space Brothers is an AMAZING adventure, it is highly underrated from what I’ve seen. Hardly anyone talks about it, but it is just so dang good, and it makes you FEEL GOOD. The main character is sort of a clutz, but he’s a hidden genius who just makes you root for him on his journey the whole way. You really want to see this man fulfill his dream. What makes Space Brothers one of the best anime to watch when you’re sad is the wholesomeness of it all. Who doesn’t want to see this cute 40 year old grown man fulfill his massive dreams? Again, let me know how you like it!

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