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Looking for some last minute easy anime cosplay ideas? We’ve all been there, suddenly you’re supposed to be putting $35 of candy on the porch for random children to take for free; and your co-worker invited you to a costume party that is happening after work. It’s Halloween, the 31st of October, woohoo. But seriously, some of us really still enjoy it. It’s probably my number one favorite holiday, Christmas just has too much commotion sometimes.

The problem is, you don’t have a costume. The second problem is that you’re a weeb and have to dress up as a super cool anime character even if the party is in 2 hours. So what do you do? You could just buy a Spider man onesie from Walmart and say that you have the spider quirk for Boku no Hero Acedamia. Or maybe you ate the spider-spider no mi in One Piece.

If that doesn’t cut it for you, I’ve put together 3 serious solutions that you can fall back on for a last minute easy anime cosplay. Keyword being easy, we don’t have the time for anything fancy, we just need to slap together a great cosplay in a short amount of time. Take a look at these three last minute easy anime cosplay ideas, with each component listed, that’ll save your weeb behind in a pinch.

Yagami Light

yagami light last minute easy anime cosplay

I know, quite the intellectual decision from me. Comb your hair over like an emo kid from 2003, borrow your dad’s tie, carry around a book with the most narcissistic look on your face possible, and there you have it. My girlfriend and I just discussed cosplaying L but decided he’s not worthy of being cosplayed.

And at least Light is recognizable to some people. It’d be a great talking point at parties when you just start writing random people’s names down in your book. They’ll look at you like you’re nuts, little do they know of the heart attack in store for them.

The components that you’ll need to gather for the Light cosplay are: red tie, green slacks, tan jacket, leather bound book, an apple for Ryuk, and a Justin Beiber cut. It’s quite simple and a good last minute easy anime cosplay!

justin bieber hair cut

Yugi Mutou

Hear me out please. Yeah he’s got big hair, but this is going to be worth it, and not as difficult to pull off as you might think. You’ll need two things to make this work, Yu-gi-oh cards, and a way to make big hair. This is perfect if you’re a fan of Yu-gi-oh, because who doesn’t want to be Yugi? And who doesn’t want to challenge random strangers to duels all night? You’ll probably forget about anything else you even went to the party for because you’ll be so into your character.

yugi mutou last minute easy anime cosplay cool

To make the hair work, I’d recommend Gt2b Extra Strong Hold Ultra Glued hair gel. No matter what kind of hair you have, just gel it up, and that should be good enough. If you have time to head to a Koonami warehouse, or Walmart, you could pick up a duel disk to represent your character even better. If not, put together a forty Yu-gi-oh card deck and carry it around. If you don’t have forty cards, again Walmart is going to save you.


Dress up as the Caped Baldy. It helps if you’re already lacking in the hair department, but if you’re really dedicated you can buzz it or wear a bald cap. The point is that it’s easy and quick to do. Because while Saitama’s clothing and overall look is simple, it’s very distinctive and easy to recognize. If any One Punch Man fans are in the vicinity they’ll be sure to take notice of you.

For your Saitama last minute easy anime cosplay you’ll need: white cape, yellow long sleeve shirt and pants, red gloves and boots, and a black belt. Oh and the bald head.

He actually wears a yellow jumpsuit but that might be hard to find quickly so I’d say that any yellow clothing will be alright. I might be a bit biased towards Saitama as well because I just love the manga so much. But I still think that’s a perfect last minute easy anime cosplay that fits this list.

cosplay one punch man saitama last minute easy anime cosplay idea

I want to know if any of you psychopaths actually took the advice and dressed up as one of these characters. Comment below any questions, feedback, pictures of your fit, and any stories you have to share. I also want to get someone who’ll guest post for me!


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