record of ragnarok manga

Title: Record of Ragnarok Vol. 1 (Chapters 1 – 4) ⚔️

Addiction level: 8.5 🤤

Rate: 8.1 😩

Synopsis/Thoughts: What the hell is this and why am I only just now reading it? Right off the bat the manga presents its idea and what we’ll be doing here. It’s the idea that there are a bunch of powerful, snobby, cocky gods who govern the Earth (universe?) and every 1,000 years they gather up to decide if humans deserve to continue living. I won’t spoil further than here but let’s just say that many humans suck in the sense that we destroy things around us. Maybe we’re due for an apocalyptic curve-ball to be thrown at us.

At first I thought that this was going to be a dead-serious manga but some of these pages keep making me go WTF with the random comedy. One thing I disliked is how we didn’t see the female lead gather up her ‘fighters’ and it just went straight to business. I legit thought that I accidentally skipped ten pages. I am on the brink of loving this so far, and I have a strong urge to go continue it which I will rn lol. Bye for now, this is definitely worth picking up so far. Mwahhh.

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