Believe it or not I’ve been lifting for quite a few years now. That doesn’t stop me from continuing to find ways to bring anime with me when I leave the house. I don’t just leave all of my cringe at home when going outside, people must know which anime are my favorite just from one look at me.

When it comes to the gym, what really are our options for weebing up the gym as much as possible? We already have the anime shirt, the anime earrings, the bracelets, the Tokyo Ghoul phone case, there doesn’t seem to be much left. If you’re serious about your weightlifting or powerlifting maybe you use wrist straps. So yeah, do they make anime wrist straps? Of course they do, but after doing some research I found that there are very limited options and 95% of what I see are Akatsuki, One piece logos, and more Naruto. Look, I’m cringe, but not that cringe c’mon. I found some Baki anime wrist straps that were more my style and they actually look clean.

I just want to clear any doubts, I think One Piece is one of the top masterpieces in anime of all time. I just don’t want bright blue anime wrist straps. And I feel like the Baki ones bring out dat dog in me. Ruf ruff.. I’ll poop out an extra deadlift rep using Baki energy gained from these anime wrist straps, because I’m going for that Baki look. And if you are trying to look like a walking agent of death as well, it’s totally understandable. Let me know if you try these out! We’ll aim high together for an insane physique.

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