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I’ve already seen One Piece, in fact, I’ve seen it multiple times (six). And that really sucks, I’d give almost anything to be able to enjoy it again without having any prior knowledge of the show. But I can’t! That’s an unfortunate fact of the universe that I have to accept and many others go through this same depressive feeling every day. Sometimes I’ll find myself wishing that I tumble down a mountain like kid Goku and suffer complete and utter amnesia so that I can re-enter One Piece raw.

A couple of years ago I found something that could somewhat help with experiencing the joy all over again of my favorite anime. It’s surprisingly a better feeling than rewatching the anime, which can definitely be fun, but it only does so much. Also, after rewatching an anime a certain number of times, you can start to lose some of that original love for it that started with.

What I’m talking about here are anime reactors. Not some sort of nuclear powerplant for weebs, nah, human beings who record themselves watching anime and post it on the internet for you and me. This might or might not be a new concept to you, but either way, try watching one of these anime reactors yourself.

I would suggest you find a reactor for one of your all time favorite anime. If you barely remember anything from that particular anime, just go watch it on your own first. In all likelihood you’ll really enjoy the rewatch if you don’t remember much of it.

I took a look at what Reddit thinks about anime reactors and anime reaction channels and I have to say it’s pretty hilarious. Of course they hate them; they hate everyone. They’re quite miserable little basement dwellers over there on Reddit.

You see, I’m not insecure enough to care if someone records themselves “sitting there staring at a screen for 20 minutes”. Nor does it bother me if they make money doing so, all the power to them, I hope they make millions. And I do find it entertaining to see their genuine reaction to the anime that I like. The only concern that I will have with an anime reactor is if their reactions are not genuine. If that is the case then I simply don’t watch them.

There was a period of my life for five years or so where I was a complete shut-in. I only left the house to get food ocassionally, the whole works. I watched a lot and I mean a lot of aniome reaction episodes during that time. This isn’t something to brag about or anything but if anyone knows who the good reactors are and who reacts to which anime, etc., I’m probably an expert in that field.

My favorite anime to see people react to are Hajime no Ippo, Death Note, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball, One Punch Man, Hunter x Hunter, Monster, Kaiji, One Outs, Yu Yu Hakusho, and One Piece. I’m sure I could add a couple more to that list but those are some of the best anime to see others’ reaction to. I wish there were more Yu Yu Hakusho, Kaiji, and One Outs reactions out there. And Dragon Ball, there’s only one Dragon Ball reactor who is worth watching in my opinion and his name is Aimin Reacts on YouTube.

Some of the best One Piece reaction channels are, Double Dragon Broz, RTTV, JamieUwU, and Heisuten. If you’re a Dragon Ball fan like me there’s a few good reactors for that. If you’re not a Dragon Ball fan then that’s a problem and you should go watch or re-watch it right now and see how that turns out. I’d recommend BarisTee for Dragon Ball Z, ABTV, and Aimin Reacts. Heisuten is a good ride for Hunter x Hunter. The guy is super fun to watch and is really funny and cringe in a good way.

I just want to make people aware of my discovery that watching these anime reaction channels can help alleviate some of the depression that comes with your favorite anime series coming to an end. There’s something about seeing someone else’s brand new and fresh reaction to it that brings back some of the excitement and satisfaction that you experienced on your first time around.

2 thoughts on “What are Anime Reactors and Why You Should Watch Them”
  1. I understand where you’re coming from. Me personally, I like to watch reactions/watchalongs to animes I watched by myself and really liked, instead of rewatching them by myself again. I’d like to recommend this channel called FilmBuff, his videos are in the longer side because of the analysis portion but boy oh boy does it feel good to know someone understands the episode they just watched, and believe me understand he does.
    I’ve become quite particular about the kind of reactors I like to watch so I was looking for channel recommendations and I’m happy to say I came out with some picks from here, thanks for sharing.

    1. FilmBuff is awesome! I’ve seen a bunch of his reactions already, I got into him with Death Note because his reaction is very intellectual and analytical unlike most other reactors. He’s also so raw as well and the way he sheds tears without making a big scene of it is so cool too and his post-episode recap is unmatched! Thank you so much for the comment and I’m glad you’re going to check out some new reactors after reading!!!!!! <3

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