I guess this is the page where I write some information about myself and the blog. Weebcafe is more like a brand, with its weeby tentacles slowly protruding further and further out into the internet as it grows ever larger. My goal with this website is to use it to shave the top of my brain of the overflowing amount of anime-related topics and ideas. By getting my thoughts out into the world I gain an immense amount of satisfaction and relief. I want to partake in back and forth dialogues with random strangers on the internet about anime until we all become old and crusty.

On the internet I prefer to be called Cross, or Mr. Weeb for the purposes of this blog. I’ve been watching anime since I was a little gremlin who became obsessed with Hamtaro and purchased my very own hamster. He didn’t last too long though as I saw him getting air lifted out of his cage by a hawk one day when I forgot to bring him in. RIP Freddy. One day I would like to see the end to One Piece and Hunter x Hunter.

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