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Sometimes us weebs want to call off work on a Thursday morning, hit the off switch on our brains, flop onto the couch and watch a feel good anime. Don’t forget the blankets and hot coffee that only lasts for ten minutes of the first episode. My current job is the furthest thing from feeling good that is possible, so I cherish a feel good anime so much these days. Unfortunately, I’m running low on good ones to watch because I’ve seen so many, but there always seems to be a hidden gem somehow.

I’ll give you the best of the best, and take my word for it or else you won’t be feeling as good as you could be feeling. I want you to reach the peak of feeling good that anime can possibly provide. Why do some people decide that they want to watch a mediocre anime with mediocre ratings? I don’t understand that, and my friends do it sometimes. It’s not even that they’ve run out of good things to watch, they simply opt to waste their time with a lesser quality show than to waste their time with a higher tier anime. Just kidding, anime is actually not a waste of time.

Let’s get to the feel good anime. Before starting you off with something to watch I just want you to know that if you for whatever reason do not feel good during any of these feel good anime, please berate me in the comments of this article. Verbally spank me, whatever method of internet harassment you see fit to launch at me, do it. Thanks. But these are feel good anime so none of that should have to happen.

note: this list is in order from ‘least feel good anime to best feel good anime’.

note 2: my list of feel good anime is superior to other lists on the internet, there’s no doubt about that.

Feel Good Anime #11

Make a cup of coffee and pull up your blankey a bit further, for anime number eleven is…


Chobits makes the list and sits comfortably at number eleven. LET ME EXPLAIN. If you’ve never seen Chobits but have only heard about it you might garner some false negative opinions about this cute little romcom. It’s been over 10 years since I first watched it, and it was actually the first anime that I’ve ever seen (besides DBZ, Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh, etc). I could possibly be a little biased toward it, but yeah, my memory of it isn’t too fresh. It’s short and cute and fun. The words my girlfriend used to describe my w- I mean Chobits is something you’ll enjoy if you don’t want to think very hard and just have some laughs and shed a tear or two.

It’s about a college attending boy who randomly finds a female robot on the street, or something like that. He takes her home and realizes that she’s pretty slow. He teaches her stuff and they get closer and it’s just pretty stinkin’ cute overall.

chi from chobits cute anime girl

Feel Good Anime #10

This anime has a nickname which could make Google hate me 4 lyfe..

Assassination Classroom

This anime is about the bond between a classroom and an octopus teacher. He’s really fast (the octopus teacher), like he moves like the flash. Maybe nor quite as fast? But still pretty dang fast. What makes Assassination Classroom a feel good anime is that most of the episodes are very wholesome, and there’s not really some looming presence of danger or anything. We get to see the kids and the teacher both grow as people in a good way and I highly recommend watching this anime if you’re feeling down!

assassination classroom funny teacher naruto headband

Feel Good Anime #9

This isn’t Digimon, but…


PLEASE WATCH Barakamon. I’ve been recommending this anime for years, ever since I randomly stumbled upon it like 8 years ago. It’s some of the most feel-good stuff out there in terms of anime.

It’s about this cool and talented young calligrapher whose father sends him to some remote Japanese islands. The calligrapher, Seishuu, had become pretty arrogant and when someone called him out for being unoriginal he had a bit of a breakdown and so his father stepped in to “help”. After getting to the islands where he was supposed to self-reflect, he discovered that they were lively as heck and people would constantly talk to him. This is where it becomes cute, wholesome, and feel good, the interactions between him and the island-goers. This anime definitely belongs on this list.

Feel Good Anime #8

Not to be confused with Ussop from One Piece, we have…

Usagi Drop

Very similar to Barakamon in the sense that a “lost” man finds smiles and laughter in the form of a child. The man has no current purpose in life at all until he randomly discovers his deceased relatives child who no one wants anything to do with. He forms a connection with her and it’s all wholesome as heck from there. Usagi Drop is a relatively well known anime that every respectable weeb should have under their belt.

Feel Good Anime #7

Space oniichans, oops no…

Space Brothers

I’ve already talked a bit about space brothers in my article here. I said that it’s a good anime to watch when you’re feeling’ like poop, but it also applies here. I’ll definitely talk about it here as well and tell you why it falls into the feel good category.

If you’re interested in space, or maybe even going to space, this feel good anime provides a journey that will oil your gears like no other anime out there possibly could. Except maybe Planetes. We have two brothers who grew up together looking at the stars in grassy fields and talking about how they will go to the moon when they grow up. The anime shows us a bit of that backstory, and then we see the brothers starting their adult life. Obviously, they cannot just ask NASA to become astronauts and they’ll have a free boarding pass to the moon. It’s going to require a long journey, but it’s a really fun one! You can sit back and enjoy this stress-free (almost) anime.

It focuses mainly on one brother, the objectively less-handsome and intelligent of the two. But is he really less talented and/or intelligent than his younger brother. You’ll have to watch and find out, ya dang weeb. Just kidding I lub you.

space brothers

Feel Good Anime #6

The Eccentric Family

Okay, I would not put the enjoyment level of this anime on the same level as Barakamon, but it makes number 6 on the list because it fits more of the brain-off, feel good anime genre that we’re all here for. I remember watching this one day while I was a lump of loopy dead meat laying on the couch with saliva pouring out of the corners of my mouth. It was after getting my wisdom teeth taken out.

There is a very large raccoon-man, thing. And there is also a mystery to be uncovered, the raccoon-man’s late father had been eaten by humans I’m pretty sure. As you can tell, I can’t recall it too well but I had some decent reasons as to why. Anyways, I do remember it being cozy and cute.

Feel Good Anime #5

I deem this anime a classic as of now…

Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran Host Club is simply a super solid anime. It’s funny, cute, wholesome, did I mention funny? It is also very unique, do not ever think of this anime as generic because it isn’t. It first aired about one month after Twitter (or now X) was created. Anyways, this is definitely more of a romantic comedy than anything else. But it’s a FEEL GOOD one, alright?? So feel good now, please. What elevates Ouran Host Club is the quality of its characters. It doesn’t need to be carried by just a couple of characters, all of them are interesting in their own right. When you decided you wanted a feel good anime to watch today you probably didn’t expect to be shipping people. That’s most likely what’s going to happen with this anime, but that’s okay, right?

Feel Good Anime #4

Kay, let’s move on… (get it)


If you’re a respectable weeb, you’ve heard of K-On! I wont judge you if you haven’t seen it, maybe you’re not into the genre. Also, the words respectable weeb might just be an oxymoron, sorry not sorry for that. K-On! doesn’t require you to activate many portions of your brain to enjoy its splendor. Don’t be turned off by the cover in that it just seems like a group of schoolgirls who play guitar. That’s what K-On! is, BUT it’s executed very well, I promise!

Each of the girls has their own different personality and you want to see each of them succeed. They start off being unsuccessful, and then they attempt to be successful. That’s the fun part. They try really hard to achieve their goals throughout the show and face some challenges along the way and overall K-On! is just a very enjoyable show.

Feel Good Anime #3

If you believe in heart of the cards, then watch…


I watched this before it was cool. I’m sorry, just had to get that out of the way. My internet friend told me about Chihayafuru about 6 years ago. His name was Kyon (from Haruhi) and we were both part of a now closed internet forum called leakforums.

This anime honestly sounded dumb to me at first until I gave it a shot. I was instantly sucked in, because I absolutely love anime that are about a person who does a thing and they have a knack for that thing and then try to get really good at it. I hope that makes sense, comment below if you feel the same way :). It definitely falls under the feel good anime category as well because the characters are all so wholesome as heck and the progression of the female main character is so fun to see. The game that they play is called Karuta and I think it’s a memory game where you flip cards over, or something like that. I included a hyperlink in the last sentence if you’re interested in seeing what it is exactly.

Feel Good Anime #2

Not to be confused with fairy tale…

Fairy Tail

BEFORE YOU DISREGARD me and begin doing other things with women (you dirty weeb, you), give me and Fairy Tail a chance. You may have heard that it sucked, but it only sucked sometimes. And when it doesn’t suck, it’s a really great anime.

Fairy Tail especially fits the feel good anime category in my opinion. There are a lot of fun adventures and friendship building episodes. The characters are lovable I promise you. Natsu is a typical shounen main character in a way but you can’t not like him, c’mon. Even if putting Fairy Tail onto this list removes all my credibility in your mind, that’s okay, I still stand by it. The battle scenes are also all magic of course, which is another great aspect as we don’t get to see that too often. The vibes of the anime are generally nice and relaxed.

fairy tail lucy natsu feel good anime

Feel Good Anime #1

It’s real, the…

One Piece

You won’t be finishing this in one day, but any portion of One Piece episodes that you watch is guaranteed to make you feel good. One Piece is such a good anime that it is just going to make you feel many different types of ways culminating in an ultimate feel good anime experience. If you have such a strong bias against One Piece that you refuse to watch it, well, I kind of dislike you. But that’s okay, you can just move up the list a little bit and choose an anime that fits your personal criteria a bit better.

Luffy is the main thing about One Piece that makes you feel good; Luffy interacting with other characters and the universe will put even the most stoic criminals into a warm and fuzzy state. If you watch 20 episodes of One Piece and haven’t felt good at least 7 times throughout, I want you to tell me that it’s time to reevaluate my opinion on everything and seek therapy.

feel good anime going merry grand line one piece roger

In Conclusion

I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to come to my little blog and I know you gained something from reading this article. So.. you’re welcome. Lol anyways I’m signing off for today, comment your thoughts.


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