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I recently moved in with my long range girlfriend (now short range) and she’s telling me I have to cosplay with her for Halloween. Now I need a Luffy costume because Luffy is my absolute hero and lord and savior. One of these days I’ll probably start a Luffy religion because I just love him so dang much.

My girl is going as a female Zoro which is an absolute Sanji nosebleed. We also discussed dressing up as Mihawk and Perona but she’s not that big of a Perona fan and Mihawk is a 10 and I’m a solid 7.5 on a good day (lol). That’s another reason I’m going with a Luffy costume.

I’ve always loved drooling over other people’s cosplays in the past and never really considered making one myself. But now that I have to do it, the idea actually has me pretty excited and I want to get inside Luffy’s mind, body, spirit, and fashion sense as much as possible. 

I’m going to turn my first cosplay into an article so that you can hopefully get a kick out of it. You might even get ideas for your own cosplay, because I’m going to do all of the brainstorming here and link every single Luffy-item that I purchase. And I am going to research every little item that Luffy thoroughly before settling on one. I have a feeling that I’m going to be in perfectionist mode about this.

Let’s slap down a picture of Luffy so that we can see everything we’ll need for the Luffy costume.

cool picture of luffy for luffy costume png transparent

Items Needed for Luffy Costume

  • Straw hat:

Gotta get a straw hat, I would look around Goodwill for one, but I don’t really like buying hats from Goodwill. Unfortunately for my Luffy costume I’ll have to buy a new one like a normal person. I saw a lot of “realistic” colored hats, but I think that a yellow more anime style will come across much nicer for the luffy straw hat, so I’ll get that one.

luffy costume straw hat yellow from the anime
  • Unbuttoned red long sleeve shirt:

I couldn’t find any high quality ones online at all, I’m hitting up the Goodwills for this one bois. All of the ones I see could be made out of paper. One good thing is that I already thrift at multiple Goodwills every week for a side job of mine so I’ll just be looking for a red long sleeved shirt that fits Luffy’s post time skip look. I do not want to go with the red vest for this one because I just don’t like the basic look.

  • Blue shorts with white fluff at the end:

Guys, I’m dropping on freakin’ fortune on these shorts. But it’s fine, I actually love them a lot and they’re not “cosplay shorts” but actual real every day shorts that I’ll be wearing. I hate the cheap cosplay look. That’s what I’m beginning to discover here.

luffy's blue shorts from the post timeskip arcs super cool
  • Abs:

I’M WORKING ON IT OKAY. Nah, but seriously, I recently lost a crap-ton of weight and my abs are once again starting to show like they used to. I still have a long way to go though, let’s see what I can do in a month. I feel like it’s not even necessary to have abs to pull off a Luffy costume, but it’s an amazing excuse for me to get some.

  • Post-timeskip scar:

The best thing that my male brained self can come up with for Luffy’s chest scar is my girlfriend’s makeup. So yeah, I’m going to just use my girlfriends makeup and make a big red scar on my chest.

  • Flip flops:

I’m from Florida so I have a million of these. Sadly, none of my Florida flip flops look that close to Luffy’s though (I just checked), so I’ll pick up these bad boys.

luffy costume sandals flips flops thongs
  • Correct hair length / black hair color:

My hair is already the correct length for this, but it’s brown. I’m just going to buy some of that cheap Walmart hair spray that lasts until you shower. I used to use that stuff all of the time in high school back in the day, it’s probably still around right?

  • Scar under eye:

This should be easy enough, I’m just going to straight up draw it on there with a sharpie. There’s probably a better way, so if anyone wants to comment what that is please do.

  • Lumify eye whitener:

This might be more of a me problem and I don’t even do the green herb. I doubt anyone else attempting a Luffy costume would want this. My eyes are always bloodshot red and Luffy’s eyes are whiter than my entire family tree. This stuff has been removing my red eye insecurity for years because it turns them white for the entire day. #notsponsored (I wish)

  • Yellow waist-scarf:

This one is pretty cheap and easy, I found one that should do the job nicely.

one piece luffy costume scarf
  • A tan: I currently have the perfect level of tan for this, my girlfriend keeps saying I could pass as a Mexican if I wanted to. It’s a Florida tan, even though I live in Los Angeles now. Not sure why I felt the need to specify that, can tans even be different? Oh well. It makes sense why Luffy’s tan though, that kid grew up in the woods and trained in the sun all day every day.

Extras (?):

  • Stick of meat to carry around: I might paper mache a large piece of meat on a bone to represent that giant piece of meat that Luffy always has in his hand. Yeah I’m definitely going to do that.


That’s everything that I’ll be putting together for my Halloween Luffy Costume. Luffy is a pretty simple looking guy, so there’s not a lot of fancy things that I can do for him. I guess it’s perfect since I’m a beginner.

Maybe I was able to give you some inspiration as well. If you’re a pro cos player I’m sure you already make your own garments from scratch though. I’ll make a new article about my Luffy costume after I try everything on and give my best Luffy poses and gomu gomu no pistol some trees in half. Super stoked for this now, if you have read some of my articles you’ll know that One Piece is probably my favorite anime.

I’m signing off for now, gotta tend to some Fortnite and continue working on my mobile app.


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