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Guys, I’ve been there. You’ve just probably Googled the term “best free anime sites” yourself (or something similar) and went to one of the shadiest websites of all time. Personally, I just download all of my anime or watch it on my paid Crunchyroll account. And don’t hate on Crunchyroll! I’ve been with these guys for over a decade and always end up going back to them if not only for the pure nostalgia.

After trying out a few questionable streaming sites with even more questionable ads in the sidebar, you’re desperate enough to come to my blog for answers. Now you have 3 viruses, need to run a Malwarebytes scan on your PC immediately, and are frustrated because you still have no anime to watch. It doesn’t help that I don’t shut up, either. Please scroll down and ignore me if you want to start watching your anime right now.

I’m here to save you, I’ll give you the best free anime sites that are currently viable for you to watch anime without having to endure a thirty second ad popping up every three minutes of the anime episode. I’m keeping the list relatively short because that’s all we need, other articles are unnecessarily giving you mediocre anime sites to look at. You will know that these are the best free anime sites because I’m doing a deep dive right here and conducting the necessary research!

5. 9animetv

9animetv best free anime sites number 5 watch anime online

This is one of the cleaner looking free anime sites that I’ve seen in recent years. I only see one under-dressed female ad in the top right corner and that’s only because I don’t have an ad-blocker on this chrome book that I’m borrowing. I just watched One Piece Movie 1 on their website to test it out and was able to watch through it smoothly without any ads being shoved in my face. I’d personally be fine even if the movie had two or three ad breaks but it didn’t even have that. I definitely recommend checking out 9animetv as a possible new anime streaming service for you.

4. Animesuge

Wow, this anime streaming site is impressive. It makes my “best free anime sites” list because it does exactly what we’re looking for, and more. It’s super clean and aesthetic, easy to navigate, has all of the shows, and keeps the ads out of the videos and puts them on the sidebar.

It’s rare these days for a free anime streaming site to put any effort into the appearance of their site. Animesuge gives attention to their design and makes it appealing and that alone is enough to make me go back to it. I love when anime streaming sites look dope. I’ve added Animesuge to my favorites and will definitely be going back to it in the future.

animesuge best free anime sites list

3. Gogoanime

Gogoanime is currently one of the best free anime sites for streaming anime because of its simplicity and vast selection. There are almost no anime shows that they do not have uploaded on their website. The other good thing about Gogoanime is their site speed, it is a simple website and there is not much to slow it down so it operates at a very high speed. The same cannot be said for much of the other garbage that is out there in the free anime site pile.

best free anime streaming sites list

2. Aniwatch

This is a great site to watch anime on mainly because it has a very nice video player. I’m a fan of how they have all of the next and previous episodes organized in a grid inside of the media player. Everything just looks good about the website. Just make sure that you definitely have an ad-blocker when using this website. They have the ads that open a new tab when you click on the video, other than that there are none of the annoying pop up ads that we all hate to see from anime streaming sites.

top anime streaming websites for free

1. Kissanime

The CLASSIC, Kissanime, we’ve got to add it here as one of the best free anime sites out there. In my professional PhD of the weebs opinion, this streaming site is not over hyped and could definitely be your go-to website for watching anime if you wanted to. The amount of waifus that I’ve gained from watching anime on this website over the years immeasurable.

There’s just something about the generic font style and obnoxious green color about this site that makes it welcoming. It’s not as modern and clean as some of the others, but it does the job and is reliable. No matter how many of Kissanime’s subdomains get removed from the internet, there’s always one up and running for us to stream our favorite anime shows.

kissanime watch anime online free

I highly recommend you click on the Kissanime link and try out that anime streaming site, or try 9animetv or Animesuge from number 5 and 4 on my best free anime sites list as they’re quite impressive. Happy watching out there my lovely readers, as always, comment below if you want to start a conversation about anything at all. Peace.

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