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Why is NASCAR so cringe? It’s not, the people who watch it are. Same with anime, it does nothing bad on its own. If you have to ask why is anime so cringe, you’re probably ignorant on the topic of anime in general, or cringe yourself. Because people who call everything cringe when its really not are truly the cringiest people of them all. 

That’s the same type of person to fill an awkward silence with a long drawn out ‘awkwaarrrdd’ because they simply couldn’t handle the silence and their mouth experienced a socially anxious prolapse. Thanks buddy, now things are five times more awkward than they were before. But I digress, this is a blog about anime and not a mental health awareness forum. 

why is anime so cringe does watching anime and being awkward have anything to do with eachother

Back to why is anime so cringe. If anime isn’t your thing, I truly believe that in your heart of hearts you’re too stubborn and closed minded to give it a real shot. You’ve absorbed the negative stigmas into your body and soul and refuse to think it could be anything but little magical anime girls with wands running around yelling oniichan.

I can’t stand when people decide that they don’t like a food before ever even actually trying it. You’re missing out, what if eating that oyster at the Chinese buffet actually gave you an epiphany about a multi-billion dollar business idea? Or what if it broke your three year long writers block on your novel? Just give it a try and stop assuming things you dingus.

For those who have given anime a shot and still have the strange opinion that it’s cringe, you didn’t watch the right anime. You probably watched Fruits Basket or Sword Art Online. Try starting out with Death Note, Attack on Titan, heck, even One Outs. I wrote an article on the top 3 anime for a beginner if that would be useful to anyone. There is an anime for everyone. If you like any form of media at all, no, if you like to be entertained, then you have the ability to enjoy anime.

Also, does calling something cringe make it bad? Cringing is an abstract feeling associated with being uncomfortable. Have you ever cringed and thought ‘wow, let me see that again!’. Okay, maybe on some of those videos where they pop pimples and stuff on Reddit. But to call something cringe is to look down on it and dismiss it into the dumpster as trash.

I know of such a thing as a cringe anime. Watamote is one of them, many weebs or weeaboos consider Watamote to be the most cringe anime of all time. But just because there are cringe anime, that doesn’t make anime cringe.

watamote explains why is anime so cringe

What even possessed you to search up ‘why is anime so cringe’, anyway? It’s probably related to how some anime watchers fawn over pixellated females, or walk around donning cat ears and a tail. You don’t wanna know how that tail stays on. You have a negative perception of anime due to the people who are the most vocal about anime. Believe it or not, completely normal people can and do watch anime, yeah, myself included. Your favorite actor or actress probably watches anime. Even my dad watches it from time to time and he worked with car engines his entire life.

I’m not here to come off as condescending or anything like that, just to simply provide some context around the anime culture and help you better understand why anime isn’t cringe. In the past I’ve seen a lot of farmer/country type guys not understand anime the most. Not saying that’s you, but it seems like they might search up why is anime so cringe on Google, and hopefully I’ve already given you an answer to your question. I was raised in the country with dirtbikes and tracktors and all of that but somehow I was able to get into anime. Or more like anime got inside of me. And once anime is inside you there’s no turning back, you just have to let it touch you first.

2 thoughts on “Why is Anime so Cringe?”
  1. I watched anime. Still found it unappealing. I find myself to be a person who tries new things – I tried Dead Space at 13 – but I still couldn’t get into it. I think the reason is because I find it intimidating; there’s this whole new show for me which seems, from what I’ve googled, weird. Such as Attack on Titan.
    I’m also more able to focus on things I can interact with, such as video games (I love DOOM Eternal), but I guess anime just isn’t my thing. It tends to become background noise for me.

    I get why some people like it, and I’m glad that there’s something you have that you enjoy, but it personally isn’t something I like. Also, good job with that explanation.

    1. Fair enough that it seems intimidating, but it’s unfortunate that that’s what steers you away from watching anime ;_;. Because if you were to just give it a chance, there’s no way that you wouldn’t like it. I’d recommend that you start with Death Note and stop believing all of the random things that you hear people say about how it’s weird and stuff.

      What I don’t understand, is the idea of not liking something without even giving it a shot. Like, how does that really make sense? You don’t know anything about it but don’t like it. But maybe you really wouldn’t like it, we won’t know until you give it a shot. lso, thanks so much for your reply, that was amazing, have a good day and thanks so much for reading!

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